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We offer both client – and serverside plugins for games.


Featuring a sparkling and growing community of engineers!

HaE Industries

Enjoy the best Experience Possible

Using a selection of my plugins you will be able to give your server the functionality and freedom it deserves.

Main Features

Using my Suite of plugins and tools you can offer your players the best experience

Server Side Plugins

Using my Torch Backup System and the PB Limiter you can make sure your server has optimal performance with pbs and no fear of losing progress.

ClientSide Utils

Using my PluginCore and HamTweaks plugins you will be able to quickly bind and toggle settings ingame using a console/hotkeys. You will also be able to quickly test mod/plugin code snippits.

Ingame Scripts

Using my framework of shared projects you can quickly get up and running with advanced ingame scripts.

Latest News

Follow along with new developments and projects!

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