Considering keen still hasnt adressed this…

Considering keen still hasnt adressed this…

A while ago i made this issue on the support site, now we are 4 months later and keen still hasnt responded or adressed this issue so i decided to make another blogpost on this.


So after multiple hours in MP i really missed something, the prediction for subgrids. without this prediction any ship with wheels or subgrids of any kind quickly becomes completely impossible to control with any ping over 100 (btw, i dont know what you guys are doing with the input buffers but 75+ ms to localhost seems a bit much).

New player experience

Basically prediction is neccesairy for doing anything but especially neccesairy in survival. For example, with a rover start you wouldnt want a new player that tries the game for the first time have to wait half a second for their inputs to register on the server and make it back to them. That was for many of my friends i tried getting in the game a complete turnoff. Since it makes controlling rovers (or ships with subgrids of any kind) feel clunky, sluggish and not fun to use.

Descision to remove it

The descision to not have it seems especially odd to me because the prediction was there in the previous version. I mean it wasnt very good but it was better then nothing and prevented the oversteering, delayed experience we have now.

Racing tournaments

As for the competitive racing tournaments we where trying to do, they are completely impossible now due to the high amounts of input lag. Trying to steer into a corner often you would have to press the A or D keys 100+ meters before you actually want to steer. Last patch it would actually take a bit of skill to win, nowadays its basically just whoever has the lowest ping (which mind you i havnt seen ping under 100 anywhere thats not localhost and even localhost is 75 Ms). These issues are also not just confined to racing but to many other scenario’s as well that where working completely fine before the update.

For example:

like you can constantly see how im steering too much/too late/braking too late/too much/too long, all cuz you are just missing that feedback while driving. Now if you compare this to a lap in singleplayer you will be able to see that its not just constant driver error and that when getting the feedback instantly the driving is so much better:


Anyone trying to play multiplayer with a rover or subgridded ship.



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