Update post

Update post

Considering i recently got my first patreon i thought id write a little post detailing what i have been working on recently.

Well; in the last month or so I have released new versions off the plugincore and HamTweaks plugin, aswell as making updates to some of my torch plugins, Here are some of the changes:

I finally added a way to make aliases for commands! this has been a pretty highly requested feature and im really glad i finally put in the time to make this as its totally worth it! Not having to mash your keyboard to type commands is actually really nice :D.

I added a way to load texture packs.. Yea you heard that right, Texture packs! It automagically swaps around textures so you can enjoy your spinning pepe loading icons and a clean camera overlay Everywhere.

I also added a fix for pointlights. By increasing the maximum amount of pointlights that can be rendered in a scene I have drastically reduced flickering with lots of interior lighting!

My work on torch has mainly been to support some commisions I have been given. Mainly in that when my Pull Request gets merged plugin creators will have the possibility to add and remove (albeit without appearing in longHelp) Commands at runtime!

For the PBLimiter i finally added a way to counter those pesky people that would automatically weld up and restart programmable blocks that have been shutdown. The changes i made make sure that when they violate the runtime too often the programmable block starts taking more and more damage untill it will eventually blow up!


Aside from these personal projects i have also taken a couple of commision projects, the first of which has been taken in use recently! I will see if i can maybe turn these higher quality commision projects into patreon only projects or something which would be fantastic.


As my patreon and brand grow i will try and do more of thes progress reports and perhaps more interesting things with the patreon community like setting up a Discord or hell, a patreon only Space Engineers dedicated server, you will also be able to find these over on my website, hamsterempire.nl

And since the year has nearly come to an end I wish you all a very warm, loving and happy 2019!

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