Space Engineers Release thoughts

Space Engineers Release thoughts

So Space Engineers just released, sounds great doesnt it? It should but I think differently, if mareks words are anything to go by it seems its just now getting out of the actual beta. So here are some brief thoughts on the update.

But first, the bulk of the update that went out with the release. The majority of this update was focussed on rebalancing and getting survival where it should be. I personally feel keen has kinda missed the ball here. Look at planets for example, a massive part of the game… or well it should be. In their current state they seem to be severely undesirable to be on, now you might like the drive to get to space but this balancing isnt good for a PVP environment. If you are trying to Get natural player interaction planets would be the obvious goto but no, instead you get players hecking off to infinite space cuz planets are fundamentally undesirable to be on.

This leads me onto the next point, PVP. Instead of doing the logical thing of making planets a central meeting point/hub with unique resources and a reason to go to instead they made a different attempt at forcing player interaction. The way they do this is in my opinion sort of unusable for pvp and should be turned off on any serious pvp server. What is this “feature” you may ask? Well when keen changed the spawn system from picking where you can spawn to just spawning you at the nearest medical bay/survival kit they also made another change, you will now spawn Within a set radius of another player. As you can see keen obviously tested this and found that giving people spawning in space a phallic shaped missile to ram up established players rears with was the correct thing to do.

Those where just some random thoughts, now onto the actual reason for this blogpost. The leaving of Early acces/Beta(IMO). There is no denying that this marks the beginning of a new era for space engineers but from mareks blogposts it seems that just now they consider the game to have a stable foundation to add new blocks and features on to. I dont think this can be considered a full release but merely leaving beta which was called too early before. Obviously though these are just names for phases and shouldnt really affect alot so lets hope they actually commit to their promises and deliver us the much needed new content.

The Trailer

The trailer though was sublime, Xocliw did an excellent job on it and even the forced in ladder scene came out funny and not too over done. Have a look for yourself:

In Conclusion.

These where just some random thoughts on the topic. I really hope that keen will commit to their promises and maybe reconsiders some of their survival planet balancing. Buy yea, congratulations on the release and I wish you all the best in the future

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